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Rhonda Huntley: 127kg down to 75kg (52kg loss)


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Where do I start? I have lost 52 kilos with MiracuLoss. I never ever thought I could do this, I have tried everything. I was big as a child and thought I needed to stay that way. There are so many health benefits and I do not snore anymore!! My ankle was very sore and prevented me from walking some days and now it’s fine. I could not walk up the stairs in my home without a lot of puffing and now I find myself running up and down them. I am less cranky with my children and I even got into swimming gear and went down the slide with my child for the first time. I now qualify for health insurance which I could not get before. People tell me I smile more often. I just simply feel so well and I cannot believe I was as big as I was, I did not realise it. It has taken me from January to January to lose 52 kilos with several breaks in between the weight loss. I have really enjoyed the food and the simplicity of my life around food whilst on MiracuLoss. The meetings have been so useful too. I could never have achieved this without the support and guidance of the MiracuLoss team. When I started the programme I was a size 26. I’m now a size 12 and still keeping the weight off, not like all my other diets!
– Rhonda

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We’re pleased to have received so much positive feedback from clients who have lost weight and kept it off in a safe, healthy way. Read on to see what some of them have to say about the MiracuLoss weight loss plan.


Truly a life changing experience! I am now educated in choosing the healthy options that work for my body, with ongoing support from a group of people dedicated to helping one another live a better life. The beauty of it is that there are no ongoing financial commitments.


After years of trying to lose weight and gaining more than I was losing, I was introduced to MiracuLoss. I decided to attend the meetings and get with the programme. I was excited by how easily the weight fell off. Yes, I had days when I had lost nothing and other days when success was forthcoming – but with the help of my mentor and a really healthy eating programme, I never went off track and for the first time in my life, I understood how the body retains fat cells, and how to get rid of them for good. My family and workmates couldn’t believe how great I was looking and how quickly my body was responding to the programme. I have kept the weight off now for the past eight months and am confident that I will continue to do so with the knowledge I have gained on what my body needs to keep healthy and free from toxins. Thank you MiracuLoss, you have changed my life.


The coaching was most invaluable, almost integral really. When things are a bit tough, and you’re not too sure of whether to try this or that or even to continue, your coach is there to steer, cajole, and assist with ideas. The weekly meetings are really beneficial. My entire way of looking at food has changed. I’m now far more educated in terms of how to ‘mix’ my foods. I have learned what foods have been affecting me over the years. My dietary choices have changed greatly. And that ‘feel good’ factor cannot be overlooked at all. I feel better psychologically; I’m in a good headspace and feeling great with a positive sense of achievement. I’m also sleeping a lot better. All up, I’ve lost over 16 kilos!


I’m so over the moon! Nine months have seen me lose 32 kilos without ever feeling hungry. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 10 – it’s my gift to me to feel fantastic at 40. The coaches were so supportive with our daily talks through the weight loss and maintenance stages. My personal coach also set me up with nutritional information about what foods work for me, so I know I can keep the weight off for good. I’ve tried everything, but MiracuLoss worked. I’ve never looked or felt better.


It seemed too good to be true, but watching my partner lose untold kilos so effortlessly got me hooked. Now I have lost 8kg and 16 cm from around my waist in three weeks, and I can wear all the clothes in my wardrobe!


My confidence has grown hugely and I feel so much happier. I walk up 11 flights of stairs to my apartment which there was no chance of me doing before. I am doing physical things that I would not have done before because of my size. I have a whole new wardrobe of styles that I never imagined being able to wear. I have tried every diet for all of my adult life. I used to drink diet coke daily and was irritable most of the time. I now feel happy and well and eat lots of delicious food. When I was dieting on a previous occasion I lost 20 kilo’s and still could not feel my hip bones, and then I regained all that weight. After just 8 kilos on MiracuLoss I could feel them for the first time ever! MiracuLoss really is a different approach with a different result. I have achieved my goal of loosing 40 kilo’s and am just right for my height /weight ratio. This is truly my last weight loss effort. I did not really believe my coach when she said that it would be, but I am maintaining easily on all food types. I went to all of the meetings which were invaluable and learnt things that I did not know even after all my knowledge about ‘diets’! Thank you for the rest of my life.


I have lost 35 kilo’s so far and now I know I will definitely lose the rest. The biggest thing for me was the big boost in my confidence. I was not accepting social invitations and when I did I was placed at the end of the table as I could not fit easily along the sides. I now have the energy, mobility and speed that I had 20 years ago and I can run again! Before starting MiracuLoss I could not easily get in and out of the car which is part of my job. Now it is so easy! My cholesterol levels have decreased, my sinus issue has completely gone and my sleep is much better. My joints are less achy especially my knees and ankles which were always sore. My shirt size has gone from a 6XL to a 2XL. I think I have added years to my life and will get to meet my grandchildren. I have got my life back. The comments from others are brilliant and have helped me feel great about myself. I can’t thank MiracuLoss enough for what they have done.


What I have most appreciated is how well it worked! The HGC was a bit of a miracle to help me do what I have wanted to do for 30 years! That and the coach – the regular support was key to me keeping on track! Also – how being helped to stay on track with the weight loss phase allowed me to see my triggers, automatic behaviors, etc around food so well! Health – wow- well, I have been reviled of some long term aches and pains, I can walk up hills now – a lot of good! Dropping 20kgs has been amazing. My skin is still a little dry, but other wise it has been a health improvement all around. The coaching was great! The regular texting worked brilliantly for me.  The way the program was laid out, the time leading up to actually choosing to do the program, it was well managed all the way through. I liked the way I was given so much info, that you waited till I was  ready, then explained things well at each stage – all good.


I came to MiracuLoss because of my wife, she was having an operation for cancer and wanted to lose some weight and I wanted to support her with that. I work in the entertainment industry, which can be an office job most of the time. My eating habits in the past were not the greatest and there are heaps of restaurants and takeaway shops where I work. I was worried about how I would go because it seemed pretty strict to me but I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I started in August last year and by March I’d lost about 40 kilos which I’m maintaining easily. My coach was really helpful – keeping both of us on track with her encouragement and advice and reminding us what we need to be doing.I now eat more of the right foods for my body and I avoid bread and other similar starches.  I love vegetables, meat and fish and I keep processed meats such as sausages to a minimum where previously I ate a lot of them. I’m also incorporating other good foods such as seaweed into my diet. I’m planning on another round in Spring to get back to the weight I was in my younger days which I now realise it totally achievable. My results so far still seem surprising to me and I’m looking forward to dropping another 8 kilos before Summer!


MiracuLoss really works and you will feel amazing. I am living proof of this. What can I say? My body has totally changed, not only the weight but the rolls sitting around my arms, tummy and buttocks. I am 44 years young, married with a supportive husband and three amazing children I adore. I work as a practice nurse.As I was scrolling through Facebook I came across MiracuLoss and it resonated with me, and to my amazement it was a New Zealand company which was a great draw card for me, so I investigated more. Talking to Fiona about the programme and the difference between other diets I’d been on in the past was something I found very helpful. On a different programme, I was able to lose the weight but not able to maintain it. Fiona explained to me the difference between the different types of fat cells and why I was not able to keep it off. When on the MiracuLoss programme I found that taking the time to be prepared helped me greatly. And my coach was a great support and directed me to the many tools that MiracuLoss has which helped me succeed. I have been able to easily maintain the weight I have lost (7.6 kilos), but the biggest change for me is that my rolls have gone! My body shape has completely changed which has never happened before. And I’ve also lost the desire to eat surgery foods, carbs and even the desire to have a wine which I really enjoyed in the past. I am sleeping better and I spring out of bed in the morning – my whole life style has changed. I am still getting compliments on how great I am looking. Thanks MiracuLoss xx

I can’t believe how amazing this programme is for me. I know I am in the right mind frame to be doing this which is surprising as we have our house on the market, open homes and all the stresses of this. However, I am doing it and doing it well. Nothing has passed my mouth that shouldn’t have, even though there have been a few challenges. I’ve baked muffins and not even a sneaky dip of the finger in the mix! I am surprised I am not hungry, or craving food. Being organised and having the right food on hand makes a huge difference for me. I have been trying different ways of eating the food and love the recipes ideas from Miraculoss. Thankyou. Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to fit into for some time. Not even too much of a muffin top. I love that I get to communicate with my friend (coach) Joanne Donaldson every day. This is such a bonus. I have also had some fun with shopping. Yesterday I was at the fish shop and talking with the lady as she tried to get 100 gms exact in four scallops lol. I also like your tutorials and information. It all makes so much sense. Thanks Fiona and Miraculoss. You rock!


I’ve been a very active person throughout my life; having been a netballer, gym junkie, and distance runner – in my earlier years training up to 100kms per week. A few years ago I injured my back and the pain and discomfort associated with that became steadily worse over time, and at the same time my weight was steadily increasing. As my level of activity decreased, I very gradually gained weight over 6 – 7 years. I had never been on a diet before so weight gain was new to me. I believed I had healthy eating habits so didn’t really know what to do to lose the weight I’d put on. I knew I didn’t feel right, my energy levels were low and I’d lost interest in food; it just seemed like everything had gone out of whack. I initially saw MiracuLoss on Facebook, and then a friend who had lost some weight told me she had used the Miraculoss programme so I decided to investigate it more. To my surprise I learned that it was a New Zealand company and it was based just down the road from where I lived, which gave me some comfort as I was able to go to the office and check it out. Since joining the programme the benefits have far exceeded my expectations: I’ve lost 8.4 kilos – 10.7% of my mass body weight; decreasing two dress sizes, I am now a proud size 8. To my astonishment my back pain has disappeared! I bounce out of bed first thing in the morning, my sleep quality has improved so much, as have my energy levels. I feel like I’ve regained my vitality and my sense of well-being. I’ve also learnt many new tools since joining MiracuLoss, and am now able to help my partner in his lifestyle. My coach has been absolutely wonderful, I can’t sing her praises enough. She has shared her knowledge and experience, and provided guidance, along with many timely words of encouragement.


I am 70 years old and I work full time as a Librarian/Manager at our local College, and I have lost 8 Kilos. That’s 9.4% mass body weight. Between my husband and I, we have 7 children and 13 grandchildren. We both enjoy outdoor bowls and have been playing since 1990. I wanted to look my best as we are going on a cruise for 10 days, which I am really looking forward to. Knowing I am at my fittest has made my confidence levels soar! MiracuLoss really worked for me; my workmates keep complimenting me on how great I’m looking. I have found the biggest difference is my clothes – I have to wear belts around my pants now! I am looking forward to going into my wardrobe and having a good clean out of the clothes that are now too big for me, and buying smaller, more fitting clothes. The program for me was great, I never once was hungry and the daily support of my coach was just what I needed to help me make he most of the programme. My advice is to be positive about this amazing program and do it for yourself!


Hi Fiona, I just got off the phone with Trish. I just wanted to say that if she is the type of person who represents you and your company then all I can say is thank you. I was scared of booking in the call due to the fact that I was concerned there would be a hard sell, guilt driven element to it at some point. Trish never once pushed or pressured me or made me feel financially inadequate like many weight loss companies have or do. She graciously accepted that for us due to where we are financially it’s just not doable and coupled with the fact that my eating habits are very close to what Miraculous is about that the door is always open without pressure. Her clearly caring nature and her stand for wanting the best for people is a clear reflection of the type of company you have created and if what I am doing now doesn’t work you will be the first people I contact. I will also let others know about you because there is no hard sell. Just people who this has worked for who are passionate in helping other. I just wanted to let you know that even though I will not be joining the miracuLoss family at this stage I have been left knowing recommending you to others is a no brainer. Thank you for being a company that really does care about the individuals who you deal with as clearly you are not about just selling products but really mentoring people into a new way of life with dedication, patience and sound advice. In this industry that is hard to come by.


We’ve been married for 48yrs, have two children, seven grandchildren and soon a great grand baby. Being 69 and 75, we decided to walk on this journey together, to change our lifestyle and enjoy a healthier life together. Byran works as tour bus driver, and I’m retired. Being a diabetic, I knew I needed to make some changes so we decided to give MiracuLoss a go. Byran quickly lost 15 kilos and so far I’ve lost 23 kilos and I’m continuing on the programme to lose more. It was great going through it together as we were able to support each other. We found it amazing, and we feel so much better, with more energy than we’ve had for years. We are loving the changes that we’ve made to our lifestyle. The biggest change for me is with my diabetes. My nurse at the clinic was in total shock at how quickly my blood sugar levels came down. And they’ve continued to improve, enabling me to significantly reduce my medication. Byran has noticed since finishing the program his sense of well being is so much greater and his movement in his knees are slightly better. Without the support of our coach we would have not been able to accomplish the results that we have achieved. Her guidance and knowledge has been a major part of our success. Give this is a go! It works at whatever stage of life you are in, and you’ll be amazed by the life changing results you’ll get.


I am 36 years young and a practice nurse. When I joined MiracuLoss I was addicted to sugar, and having had past addictions, my sugar addiction was very hard for me to overcome. I needed the help of Psych-K (one of the many amazing tools that MiracuLoss has to offer). For years I’d been plagued with a desire to be nourished by refined products and sugar, which only provided me with a very short lived psychological ‘feel-good’, leaving me with horrible cravings for more. Psych-K quickly and easily enabled me to overcome my inner beliefs which were causing this damaging cycle. Through this amazing journey I have been able to lose 10.3 kilos (14.1% of my body weight)! I feel amazing, like a new woman with energy to burn. I love being able to buy new clothes and feel great in them! This achievement was not easy for me, but once I learned to follow my coach’s advice, I was on the right path for the programme to work for me! My coach was amazing, patient, full of advice and kept me on track and supported me every step of the way. As well as working as a practice nurse, I’m also an entrepreneur building debt free passive income for my future (so I’m quite busy!). Despite this I still found time to focus on my health and weight – and I’m so glad I did! I’m delighted to be yet another MiracuLoss successes! I am very grateful for the nutritional information about the real causes of weight gain and for the new lifestyle habits that I have learnt along the way. With great recipes and loads of tips about how to maintain a healthy weight, I’m all set for long term success!


Hi I’m Lyn, and I’d like to say – honestly, just give it a go! It works. It’s absolutely amazing. You will succeed and the benefits that you’ll reap will be beyond your expectations. I have been married for 29 years and have two grown children and 5 grandchildren, whom I count as a blessing. I am in a stressful but rewarding job. I had tried every diet out there. I had given up until I came across MiracuLoss. I was very skeptical at first as it looked like every other fad diet, but nevertheless I decided to give it a go. I didn’t have anything to lose. The results have been amazing: I’ve lost over 10 kilos so far and I’m now under 89 kg! This has given me a huge confidence boost as I’ve not been under 94 kilos for 10 years. Because I’m doing so well I’ve decided to do another few weeks of weight loss which I am so looking forward to. The results so far are not only on the scales but in every area of my life – my energy levels have improved, I have clearer thinking, my clothes feel so much looser and I am fitting into my favorite clothes that I have not been able to wear for years. I have to say without my coach I wouldn’t have made it, she has encouraged me every step of the way and her support has been amazing. I am so looking forward to working with her as I continue on this journey. I’m even thinking of doing another round in the new year and reaching the mid 70’s. I’m not sure if I’ll recognise myself haha! But I feel excited just thinking about it!


Hi, it’s Deb here again, I thought I’d update you on my progress so far – which has been amazing! After completing six weeks of weight loss I was 12.8 kg lighter – Yay! I know! It felt amazing! Then (with the guidance of my coach) I began learning how to maintain my new weight. I have to say I was feeling a little nervous about this phase as my past experience with weight loss was always to gain it back afterwards. But this time was very different! I was easily able to maintain my new weight – and I went on to lose another 1.7 kg which means in total I have lost 14.5 kg – nearly 3 dress sizes. This seems unbelievable to me, and yet it’s true! I still get a nice surprise when I look in the mirror. And I’ve been able to come off my insulin which has been a major health issue for me. If you’re diabetic, you’ll understand how huge this is! I’m so confident as I enter my next round of weight loss because I know I’ll be able to reach my goal, and I’ll be able to maintain my new, healthier weight going forward! My coach has been a great support to me, and I’ve learnt so much from the weekly tutorials – they’ve been invaluable. And I’ve discovered a passion for cooking food that’s healthy and interesting! I am so excited as I continue on my lifestyle change – life is positive and fun again! I’m about to commence round two of weight loss, and I’ll update you when I’ve completed it. Prepare to be amazed!


I have lost 11 kilos since I started on MiracuLoss. I have had an absolutely amazing and positive experience throughout the program and I put that down to my amazing coach. Without her support, advise and incredible knowledge I would have not made it through the program. I am 68 years old. In the past I have tried different diets and exercising to no avail; I could not maintain or lose what I needed to. But that all changed when I decided to start the MiracuLoss program. I now can bend down to touch my toes and when I walk up stairs I can do it with ease, I don’t get puffed anymore and because of this I feel so much more confident. I am so much more comfortable in my clothing and while I haven’t had to buy new clothing I feel more confident in going out and about. This program works, and I’m so grateful to my coach for giving me the support I needed to keep at it until the end and has set me up for a lifetime of healthy eating. The best part is that I have more energy to keep up with my grandchildren!


My name is Claire and I work three days a week and enjoy socializing with my family and friends. I joined MiracuLoss because my 70th birthday is coming up fast, and I wanted to feel happier and healthy when I celebrate this milestone. I came across this programme and, after browsing through the reviews and seeing everyone’s amazing transformations, I knew MiracuLoss was exactly what I needed to reach the weight that I would be happy with. I have lost 10 kilos which I am so happy about, and most of all I am able to maintain this new weight without craving certain foods or bingeing because of hunger, as I faced with other diets. During the weight loss stage of the programme, I did come across a couple of hurdles, which, with the help of my coach, I was able to work through and give myself a pat on the back. This just kept encouraging me to be strong as I worked towards my end goal. Ever since starting the MiracuLoss programme I’ve noticed I have much more energy; when doing my morning walks with my neighbour, she commented on how I move with so much more ease. And I have less breathing issues whilst I exercise regularly at the gym or on my walks. I’m not missing the regular glass of wine I used to have at the end of the day, and I’m making better choices when eating out. My gut health is markedly better – no indigestion or cramps – I’m enjoying a happy and healthy stomach nowadays. Dropping a few dress sizes has meant I can wear clothing from my wardrobe (which has been off limits for a long time) and it feels great to be fitting into these comfortably.


Hi my name is Stacey and I live in New South Wales Australia. I am 58 years old and work as a Hotel Relief Manager, managing around 5 to 50 staff. I also have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I have lost 11.2 kilos whilst on the programme, having gone from a size 14 to a size 10 and I’ve lost 13.4% of my total body mass in 7 weeks! I found the programme amazing, and the weight just dropped off. To my amazement I had no struggles with binging or purging or feeling deprived of the treats I love, considering I am a huge lover of food. I have tried every diet under the sun, but they weren’t the ones for me and the weight quickly piled back on afterwards. Nothing has given me results as good and as maintainable as MiracuLoss. I could not believe how quickly the weight fell off me and now that I’ve finished the weight loss stage, maintaining is not an issue at all as I have easily adopted the lifestyle that MiracuLoss created for me. I cannot praise this programme enough, and if you are serious about wanting to make a difference to your body and your life, this is the programme for you.


Before MiracuLoss, I was the same weight for years and nothing I did could shift it. I am also a diabetic which makes it hard to lose weight. I am in Stage 5 of my first round of MiracuLoss and I’ve lost just over 13 kilos! Within the first 3 days of being in weight loss I was able to stop my insulin injections and cut down on my meds! I’m on my journey to regaining my full health back, and now I can move more, I have more energy and I am feeling so much better in myself. I’m not a person that would say “diet”; I dislike the word and what I wanted was a plan to overhaul my mindset. I do love a challenge but based on the past I thought I had no willpower. For me it was a good time as my mum had just passed away and I found I had time I never had before. It was time to do it for myself, and I know she would be proud of me. I had been 119 kilos for years, a type 2 diabetic, and my weight climbing to 126.5 kilos made me realise that if I didn’t start doing something to improve my health, I wouldn’t make it to my next birthday. Cost was an issue at the beginning, but Fiona found a payment plan I could afford and really I couldn’t afford not to do it. I am so looking forward to moving through each stage of the program, working with my coach and the team to achieve my goals, getting ideas of being creative in the kitchen, and the challenges of going out for lunch and having my family for their weekly meal.


My Name is Diana and I am 73 years old, retired and I ride a Harley Trike. I gave up smoking 13 years ago to improve my health, but as a side effect I gained 17 kilos and have never been able to lose it regardless of all of the diets and quick fixes I tried. Through Facebook I found MiracuLoss, and I knew right from the beginning from listening to Fiona and visiting the store the next day that this was the program for me. I bought my pack and off I went. From the very first day of beginning the program I started seeing results and didn’t encounter any hunger pangs. I was energized and full of life. I was so excited when I got up in the morning to see how much I had lost and it just kept dropping off me. I lost 18 kilos and five inches off my waist, three inches off my hips and two inches off my bust. I’ve not put the weight back on and now I am following a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just living my life to the full.


I know of two friends that did the program, they did 2 and 3 rounds and watching the results truly blew my mind. It was amazing. I have never seen anything so effective and I definitely wanted to get aboard. When I started I had a really strong mindset to change. I wasn’t happy with the weight that I had put on and I wanted a change. What made me so confident about Miraculoss was seeing the results of my friends. I knew Miraculoss worked and was determined to see change with my situation. I initially did 6 weeks of weight loss and was really surprised by the weight loss results. I started at 129.1 and when I got to 120 I was so happy and realised I hadn’t been that weight for 18-19 years. So I then thought, is it possible to get under 120, and I did the next day which was amazing, I then got to 115, then 114kg. Getting on the scales each day was amazing. My goal was to get under 100kg and hadn’t been that weight since I was in my 20’s when I was doing a lot of exercise and sports. After my 6 weeks of weight loss I got to 105kg and was down 5 pant sizes! People were coming up to me and saying I was half my initial size. Some were concerned because it happened quite quickly, however, I felt so amazing. I had way more energy and was eating whole foods that were nourishing my body. I was loving it. It has taken me a while to get used to me being this new size. When I’m shopping for clothes, I look twice in the mirror at the person that’s there and sometimes find myself slipping back into my fat mentality. I used to walk a certain way with all my weight and now that I have lost it all I have to adjust the way I perceive myself. The best part was when I went to try on new clothes, I am fitting into pants sizes I hadn’t been in for 20 years. It’s amazing. I have kept the same belt so that I can remind myself and show people how far I have come, I just keep putting holes into it so it fits me. I found Maureen so supportive as my coach. She was really caring and it was great to have someone who had some much experience throughout the program. The weekly tutorials and webinars were great too and I was able to learn more about my body. Thanks Miraculoss, I would suggest it to anyone wanting to make lasting change!