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With the right tools, education, and personalised support, we believe everyone can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

At Miraculoss, we’ve been there and done that, so we get it. Diets suck! And regaining all that weight again, after all the hard work –  that’s even worse. 

What we wanted was a solution that was healthy, safe, efficient and provided the knowledge and tools for long-term weight maintenance. But there wasn’t one. So we developed Miraculoss.

We’re proud to say Miraculoss is all those things and more. For over 11 years, we’ve been helping women and men achieve life changing weight loss, and we’d love to help you do the same.

Be empowered by a unique and effective weight loss programme with personalised daily coaching. 

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7 Stage Programme

The safe and effective 10-week weight loss programme designed just for you.

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Daily Coaching

You will be supported with individual personalised daily coaching.

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Health & Nutrition

A proven holistic health & nutrition approach, based on research and science.

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Life Changing knowledge

We empower you with knowledge to achieve and maintain optimal health & weight.

Coaching and healthy habit support

1:1 Coaching and healthy habit support

Making lasting lifestyle change is hard, which is why over 99% of traditional diets fail. 

The Miraculoss weight management programme combines healthy eating plans with daily personalised coaching and full support to equip you for success. 

Our fully trained coaches will guide you over speed bumps and help you to problem-solve when you most need it, ensuring you achieve the results you desire. 

Based on years of research and a proven track record of results, Miraculoss enables you to lose 5-10 kilograms of abnormal fat deposits in less than a month. Provided you accurately follow the programme with the guidance of your coach, we guarantee results.

Miraculoss works – just ask our clients!

We’re pleased to have received so much positive feedback from clients who have lost weight and kept it off in a safe, healthy way.

Hear from our clients about their success with the Miraculoss weight loss plan.

MiracuLoss weight loss - Client Stories
Healthy Meals for weight loss

The key to life-changing weight loss

We know how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off. Calorie counting and exercising more is not the answer. You may already know this from your own experience and are wondering, “Why doesn’t it work?”

In a nutshell, reducing calories causes your metabolism to slow down until you eventually stop losing weight. 

But here’s the real problem. Studies show that when you resume your normal lifestyle, your metabolism seldom recovers – it stays at the reduced rate indefinitely – making it a certainty that you’ll regain all the weight you lost, plus more.

Sound familiar? We know it and you know it. Restricting calories eventually makes you fatter! 

The real cause of weight gain is excess insulin and it’s far easier to solve this problem than to spend a lifetime trying to eat less.

At Miraculoss, we guarantee results.
To learn more about the amazing Miraculoss method please watch our free webinar.

Work out your BMI

Body Mass Index isn’t everything, but it’s a handy way to gauge what might be a healthy weight to aspire to. As a rule of thumb, we recommend being somewhere between 22.5 – 26 but it really depends on a range of factors including frame size, muscle mass, age, ethnicity and gender. You might like to run a quick check using this calculator. Then, book your free consultation to discuss further.

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