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How much does the MiracuLoss programme cost?

The MiracuLoss programme represents exceptional value for money and results are guaranteed*.

As everyone is different, we will provide you with a personalised quote once we know about your weight loss goals and which programme options would suit you best. 

Weekly payments range from $65 to $120 per week. We offer flexible weekly and monthly payment plans.

Please note that upon starting with Miraculoss, you may also need to purchase some additional “Miraculoss-friendly” products (if you don’t already have them at home). Your coach will advise you about the most suitable products for you.

*We guarantee you’ll lose a minimum of 5 kilos (11 lb) from your ‘starting weight’ in just 3 weeks. If you don’t lose 5 kilos (11 lb) within that time we’ll give you a free weight loss week to ensure you achieve your goal!

Is MiracuLoss a safe way to lose weight?

Yes, so long as your progress is being carefully monitored by a qualified professional. 

Our Miraculoss coaches are well trained and have the backup of experienced practitioners including medical doctors when additional advice is required.

Your coach monitors your progress everyday and personally guides you to ensure safety and comfort and to support long-term changes in your habits and thinking.  

How much weight will I lose?

With Miraculoss, you can expect to lose from 5-15 kilos (11-33 lb) with each cycle of the programme (depending on your start weight, how many weeks you spend in weight loss and a few other factors like height, health and lifestyle).

Our average is between 7-13 kilos (15-28 lb), but if you’re struggling to lose weight now, even 5-6 kilos (11-13 lb) can make a huge difference to your health, energy and confidence.

More is explained in our complimentary introductory video.

Is it safe to lose weight that quickly?

Yes it is because with Miraculoss you are only burning abnormal fat deposits which your body is happy to release quickly. While fat is being rapidly converted into energy, stored toxins are also being released into the bloodstream. This may result in some physical or emotional symptoms. Your coach will support and guide you through any symptoms that may occur.

What if I want to lose more than 10 kilos (22 lb)?

If you are wanting to lose 10 kilos (22 lb) or more, the programme is repeated until you have reached your weight loss goal.

Why are all the programme stages important?

The post-weight loss stages are vital to your long-term success. During these stages, you are allowing your body to re-learn its response to varying levels of dietary carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You are also discovering foods that trigger weight gain or promote weight stability. Everyone is different and therefore your experience may not be the same as that of others. Your coach will guide you through these stages until you are confident in your ability to maintain your ‘new weight’.

Will I receive anything if I refer a friend or family member?

Yes, we love helping your loved ones achieve amazing results too, so both you and your friends/family will receive wonderful gifts when they join. Click here to learn more.

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