Miraculoss Terms & Conditions

as agreed to electronically during your set-up process.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all rounds of the MiracuLoss programme unless they are superseded by a new agreement provided by MiracuLoss.

The client agrees to:

  1. Keep their coach fully informed about all aspects of their progress and about any changes in their health or wellness.
  2. Fully disclose all known past and present health issues prior to commencing the MiracuLoss programme so that their coach can advise them correctly and coach them appropriately.
  3. Continue taking all prescribed medicines and have them regularly reviewed throughout the various stages of the programme. If the client is under a doctor’s care for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or any chronic illness, MiracuLoss recommends pre-booking regular appointments with a practice nurse or doctor to review medication and health management.

The client understands that:

  1. Full payment is required for each round even if the round is not completed or the client chooses not to utilise the available coaching & support.
  2. The standard programme allows for three weeks of weight-loss. Additional weight-loss weeks are charged separately and are undertaken only after consultation with their coach.
  3. ALL stages of the MiracuLoss programme must be completed and followed correctly or there is a high chance of slow weight-loss and regaining of weight.
  4. Those who smoke cigarettes, use recreational drugs, take prescription medicines or have taken a lot of prescribed medicines or recreational drugs in the past may have slower than average weight loss.
  5. MiracuLoss guarantees 5kg of weight-loss in 21 days. The weight-loss period will be extended for 1 week at no additional charge if 5kg of weight-loss is not achieved provided the following criteria is met. Guarantee Criteria: The client maintains daily contact with their coach (Monday-Friday), follows all the advice and guidance of their coach and follows the programme correctly (as detailed in the handbook). Any deviation from the programme or failure to communicate with their coach negates this guarantee. Total weight-loss is calculated from the heaviest weight recorded (during Load Up or day 1 of weight-loss).
  6. All information provided by MiracuLoss including, emails, handbook, passwords, logins, meeting notes and information from their coach are protected by copyright and are for client use only. They may not be passed on to others for any reason. MiracuLoss does not consider it safe to use this information for self-management or to guide others without proper training.
  7. The client is fully responsible for decisions concerning their health and safety, including their ability to drive and operate machinery whilst on the MiracuLoss programme.
  8. MiracuLoss is not liable for any accidents or medical problems that arise during participation in this programme.
  9. MiracuLoss recommends that you seek medical advice prior to commencing the programme.
  10. MiracuLoss reserves the right to charge 14% interest on debts and to pass on debts to a collection agency of their choice. Any cost incurred as a result of debt collection will be passed on to the client. If a debt collection agency is engaged, any outstanding balances will be invoiced by the agency in NZ dollars.

MiracuLoss (the company) agrees that:

  1. All client information is confidential and will only be used by MiracuLoss for the purposes of ensuring client wellbeing.
  2. Should a client be deemed medically unfit to commence the programme MiracuLoss will refund any monies paid (less bank, currency and freight charges incurred) upon provision of a medical certificate. The refund will only apply if the certificate is obtained prior to commencing Stage 2 (Load Up), and MiracuLoss is advised at the earliest possible opportunity and the refund criteria has been met.
  3. If the client decides to withdraw from the programme prior to commencing Stage 2 (Load Up) for reasons other than medical as detailed earlier, all monies paid may be refunded (less a Set Up fee of $200 plus any bank, currency and freight charges incurred), providing the Refund Criteria has been met.

Refund Criteria

  • Notification of your decision to withdraw must be given in writing prior to commencing Stage 2 (Load Up).
  • All items in the Set Up Pack (including any promotional products or special offers) must be returned by courier at the clients expense, in an unused and saleable condition and must be received by MiracuLoss within 10 working days of notifying the company of your intent to withdraw.