Find out how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight –
without a struggle

Daily support is essential for the success of our participants. With the guidance of your coach, you will learn how to work with your body to achieve safe and sustainable weight loss. Your coach will help you navigate your way to the long-term success you are seeking!

Be empowered by a unique and effective weight loss programme with personalised daily coaching. 

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7 Stage Programme

The safe and effective 10-week weight loss programme designed just for you.

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Daily Coaching

You will be supported with individual personalised daily coaching.

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Health & Nutrition

A proven holistic health & nutrition approach, based on research and science.

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Life Changing knowledge

We empower you with knowledge to achieve and maintain optimal health & weight.

Why choose Miraculoss


A personalised, life-long weight maintenance plan

Our aim at Miraculoss is to help you achieve effective weight loss and establish a long-term eating plan that is flexible, delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. We will help identify which foods are not suitable for your body, and should be minimised to avoid future weight gain and health problems.

Our coaching team includes qualified and experienced natural health professionals, providing advice as and when required.

Weight Loss nutritious meals


1:1 Coaching and education to ensure your success

During your MiracuLoss transformation, you will be thoroughly supported by your coach with daily contact via phone, text or email.

Miraculoss equips you with a personalised framework for healthy eating, even after completion of the programme. Weekly tutorials provide additional nutritional and lifestyle information to help you break free from the unhealthy cycle of weight loss and gain. The programme prepares you for a life free from dieting, while continuing to provide after-weight loss support so you have all the tools to keep it off!


With Miraculoss, you lose the bad and keep the good

As you lose weight, your body will begin to reshape – and your hips and abdomen are two of the first places you’ll notice a difference.

For every kilo of fat you lose, you can expect to lose a centimetre from your widest point – and losing 5-10 cm from around your waist will make quite a difference!

No structural fat or essential fat will be lost (with other weight loss methods you will burn essential fat before you begin burning abnormal fat deposits). Our results show that healthy muscle mass is maintained throughout our programme.

Just some of the benefits of Miraculoss journey

Losing weight can have a significant impact on your health. Research has shown that losing just 10% of your body weight can result in just some of the following benefits:

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More Vitality and energy

Improved cardiovascular health

Lower cholesterol levels

Reduced joint + muscular pain

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Lower risk of diabetes

Improved bowel health

Improved thyroid function

Improved mood + mental clarity

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Better blood pressure

Improved confidence + self esteem

Improved heart health

Enhanced sex life

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A better night’s sleep

Better breathing

Reduced risk colon + breast cancer

A healthier gallbladder

We are loving the changes that we’ve made to our lifestyle. The biggest change for me is with my diabetes. My nurse at the clinic was in total shock at how quickly my blood sugar levels came down. And they’ve continued to improve, enabling me to significantly reduce my medication. Byran has noticed since finishing the program his sense of well being is so much greater and his movement in his knees are slightly better. Without the support of our coach we would have not been able to accomplish the results that we have achieved.


I now have the energy, mobility and speed that I had 20 years ago and I can run again! Before starting MiracuLoss I could not easily get in and out of the car which is part of my job. Now it is so easy! My cholesterol levels have decreased, my sinus issue has completely gone and my sleep is much better. My joints are less achy especially my knees and ankles which were always sore. My shirt size has gone from a 6XL to a 2XL. I think I have added years to my life and will get to meet my grandchildren. I have got my life back. I can’t thank MiracuLoss enough for what they have done.


People tell me I smile more often. I just simply feel so well and I cannot believe I was as big as I was, I did not realise it. It has taken me from January to January to lose 52 kilos with several breaks in between the weight loss. I have really enjoyed the food and the simplicity of my life around food whilst on MiracuLoss. The meetings have been so useful too. I could never have achieved this without the support and guidance of the MiracuLoss team. When I started the programme I was a size 26. I’m now a size 12 and still keeping the weight off, not like all my other diets!


WOW!! What a journey! I was not entirely convinced when I heard how much weight I could lose but within 2 weeks I was convinced. My coach Yolande was with me all the way and was totally supportive even on the days I struggled.

Completing 2 rounds with MiracuLoss I lost 20kg and my husband lost 10kg just by eating the food I now cooked! This programme works, it’s easier than you think and it’s an education! If you’re thinking about it, stop and just do it!!


I was worried about how I would go because it seemed pretty strict to me but I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I started in August last year and by March I’d lost about 40 kilos which I’m maintaining easily. My coach was really helpful – keeping both of us on track with her encouragement and advice and reminding us what we need to be doing. I now eat more of the right foods for my body and I avoid bread and other similar starches.  I love vegetables, meat and fish… My results so far still seem surprising to me and I’m looking forward to dropping another 8 kilos before Summer!


Have you had amazing results with Miraculoss?

Unique Pricing Packages – Just for you

Our 1:1 coaching system means you have your own experienced Miraculoss coach. Your coach provides you the personalised support, information and tools you need to achieve results; to lose weight and keep it off.

As each person and their needs are different, we provide you with a tailored quote once we know about your weight loss goals and which programme options would suit you best. Weekly payments can range from $65 to $120 per week. We also offer flexible weekly and monthly payment plans.

Upon starting the Miraculoss programme you may also need to purchase some additional “Miraculoss friendly” products (if you don’t already have them at home). Your coach will advise you about the most suitable products for you.