Programme Overview

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Daily support is an essential aspect to our participants’ success.  With the daily guidance of your coach, your weight loss will be safely and effectively managed.  You coach will help you navigate your way to the long term success you are seeking!


Daily contact with your weight loss coach

Daily contact with your coach – usually by texting, phone and emails or via Zoom on your phone or computer.

During the first six stages, you will have daily contact with your coach – usually by texting, phone and emails or via Zoom on your phone or computer.  And our weekly tutorial programme provides you with valuable information and helps you develop the skills needed to maintain your ‘new weight’.  You may be surprised to discover that many of the things you thought were healthy have been contributing to your weight gain for years.

After completing MiracuLoss you may choose to attend additional regular ‘Maintenance Tutorials’ to deepen your understanding of how food, nutrition and lifestyle affect your health and weight. Maintenance tutorials are complimentary for all past and current MircuLoss clients.

Stage 3 recipes - broccoli meat pastaFood and beverage during weight loss

During the weight loss stage, you will be eating a range of fresh foods including proteins, vegetables, and fruits as well as drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. You will also be able to enjoy some organic crispibreads sticks each day.

After completing the weight loss stage, you will gradually resume eating most other foods including dairy products, fats and oils, nuts and seeds and some whole grains.

Lose weight and keep it off: The importance of ongoing maintenance

Neville lost 56 kilos

Neville lost 56 kilos!

Maintenance is an essential part of weight loss. In order for your new, lighter body weight to stabilise, all stages must be followed correctly. The information provided throughout the weekly tutorials and the daily support of your coach until the end of Stage 6 will ensure that you are well-equipped to maintain your new weight. We also provide ongoing after-weight loss support by way of regular emails and complementary lifestyle and nutritional education tutorials – so once you lose the weight, you will have the tools to keep it off!

Your weight loss is guaranteed with MiracuLoss

You could be 5-10 kilos lighter in less than a month. Call MiracuLoss today to begin your weight loss journey – it’s easy to get started. Alternatively, read about the benefits of our weight loss programme, or browse our FAQ for more information.  We guarantee that if you follow the programme accurately, you will achieve a minimum of 5 kilos of weight loss within 21 days.  If you follow the programme accurately and do not lose 5 kilos within this time we will extend your programme and coaching support at no additional cost until a minimum of 5 kilos is achieved.

You are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or regimen. The information provided within this document is not meant to replace the advice of any physician. Do not rely upon any information to replace a consultation or advice received by a qualified health professional regarding your own specific situation. The MiracuLoss programme includes advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and takes time and personal commitment to be effective.


Attend A Free Webinar And Find Out
How To Achieve & Maintain A Healthy Weight – Without The Struggle!

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