Miraculoss. Life changing weight loss.

The desire to lose weight is the desire to feel good; to feel confident about your health, your appearance, and your ability to positively change your life. But trying to lose weight can be a difficult, negative experience that leaves you feeling dejected and defeated.

At Miraculoss, we transform the experience of weight loss. We provide the right tools, education and personalised support to empower you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

We are passionate about helping you to achieve your optimal health and weight. We treat you with empathy and care because we understand the challenge you face. We equip you with knowledge and new skills, so you feel in control. Our approach is authentic and genuine because your success and you are important to us.

Losing weight is the initial goal. But the confidence and energy you gain from weight loss? That’s life changing.

Miraculoss is a unique weight management programme with personalised coaching.

Supported by a team of health professionals, Miraculoss is based on the extensive research of doctors dedicated to healthy body weight and wellbeing – including dietary specialists Dr Simeons, Dr Weston A Price, Dr Robert Young and Dr Barry Sears.

Miraculoss is made up of seven stages which cover the periods before, during and after weight loss to ensure you are completely supported and guided on a healthy, effective weight loss journey.

Meet our coaches below!

Managing Director and Health & Weight Loss coach - Fiona Paulsen
Julie Buckley - Coach Mentor and Trainer
Health and Weight Loss coach - Marie Jarosch
Health and Weight Loss coach - Maureen Collins-Lucic
Health and Weight Loss coach - Bianca Robinson
Trish Miles Health & Weight Loss Coach
Health and Weight Loss coach - Joanne Donaldson
Health and Weight Loss coach - Sue Wilson
Health and Weight Loss coach - Aishu Mohan
Health and Weight Loss coach - Lauren Barnao
Health and Weight Loss coach - Mary Ouwerkerk

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