About MiracuLoss – weight management specialists

MiracuLoss is a unique, coached, weight management programme

Supported by a team of health professionals, MiracuLoss is based on the extensive research of doctors dedicated to healthy body weight and wellbeing – including dietary specialists Dr Simeons, Dr Weston A Price, Dr Robert Young and Dr Barry Sears.

MiracuLoss is made up of seven stages which cover the periods before, during and after weight loss to ensure you are completely supported and guided on a healthy, effective weight loss journey.

Individual coaching for guaranteed success

With MiracuLoss, you can be totally confident in achieving your goal of a healthy body weight. Our individual coaching, weekly nutritional education and regular progress reviews ensure you have everything you need to succeed!

Daily support from your coach and our emphasis on a holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition is fundamental to the success of the MiracuLoss programme. Our coaches are just as interested in your wellbeing and stress levels as they are in your food choices!

The importance of coaching

Dr Simeons personally supervised over 10,000 patient’s weight loss. As a result of this research, it became clear that each client’s weight loss journey must be individually supervised to ensure complete safety and compliance. He trained others to deliver this treatment in the same way and never intended the protocol to be undertaken without trained supervision.

Distance coaching (for those outside of the Wellington Region)

If you live outside of the Wellington Region you may wish to consider our distance coaching programme. We have coaches dedicated to supporting you.

Call MiracuLoss today to register for the free introductory talk. A healthier future awaits you! Don’t put it off any longer – find out what MiracuLoss can do for you. Simply contact us to get started with your weight loss journey.

Distance coaching for weight loss