Fiona Paulsen Story

Fiona Paulsen Managing Director of Miraculoss

I hated being overweight, and I was so sick of coming home each day feeling exhausted!

I’d been struggling with my weight for years. Family and friends told me ‘it’s just what happens as you age’ – or you’ve got big bones, but I knew I shouldn’t be that weight. I knew it was affecting my life.

I wasn’t even in menopause yet and I dreaded the thought of what was to come. I was completely fed-up with how my body looked and how little control I seemed to have.

Shopping for clothes was so discouraging – none of the styles I liked to wear fitted me. I didn’t recognise the person in the dressing room mirror – I just didn’t look or feel like me anymore!

Trying to keep ahead of my weight gain was frustrating, emotionally exhausting and expensive! I knew that unless I did something completely different, things were only going to get worse. But I had no idea what to do or whom to turn to…I think I’d tried everything – more than once.

I guess my hope hadn’t completely faded because I was still giving things a go – but honestly, there were times when I thought “maybe this is it! I’ll just have to learn to live with it.” And then one day, almost by accident, everything changed! I discovered weight has very little to do with calories!

A friend passed on some little known, scientifically peer-reviewed research that completely changed the way I viewed things. To cut a long story short,  I discovered through this research that it’s actually hormones, and NOT calories that control weight gain.

I was astounded. So much so, I thought “why don’t more people know about this?”

So I did a bit more digging and came up with numerous scientific articles showing that hormones really do have the most influence over whether we have the body we want or not.

This information was a revelation to me. And once I grasped it, I immediately began to put into practice what I’d learned. And guess what? Things started to change almost overnight. The weight virtually “fell off” me.

I couldn’t believe it. Within just a few weeks I’d dropped almost 3 dress sizes.

The first thing I did was go to my wardrobe and get rid of all my ‘fat clothes’! But you know what the best part was? I finally felt and looked like me again.  After all this time. After years of disappointment, struggle and desperation, I’d finally found something that gave me my body back.

This was over 11 years ago. At that time I owned a Natural Health business and whilst I knew a lot about the human body – I still hadn’t been able to solve my own weight loss puzzle.

But suddenly all that had changed! And when my regular clients came to buy products, almost all of them did the “double take”. They couldn’t believe how good I looked and wanted to know how I did it. And of course – they wanted to do it too!