Healthy Weight Loss in New Zealand

Healthy Weight Loss in New Zealand is Possible With the Right Approach

Does it seem as though it’s simply not possible for you to achieve healthy weight loss in New Zealand? Whether you’ve been through dozens of different “must try” plans, or you’re tired of riding the rollercoaster of continually losing weight and then gaining it back, it’s easy to feel frustrated. At MiracuLoss, we understand how you feel — and it’s why we’ve developed a better approach.

The Importance of Healthy Weight Loss

Many fad weight loss plans aren’t only hard to follow, they can be unhealthy, too. It’s important to follow a plan for losing weight that safeguards your body. Why?

  • The science is clear: Living at a healthier weight is better for your body! Bringing your weight down by only 10% begins to confer a whole host of benefits that are only truly evident over the long term. These include improvements in blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health alongside a lower risk of developing illnesses tied to obesity, such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • There are many weight-loss methodologies that do not put your health and safety at the forefront. Remember, a nutritionally complete diet is still a necessity, as is a healthy level of physical activity. That’s why nutrition is an important focus of the MiracuLoss programme, and why we ensure that our clients are not hungry on our plan.
  • Our clients also report other benefits. Individual results may be different, but some of the most typical positives include better sleep quality, less joint pain, better breathing, less heartburn, improved confidence and satisfaction with one’s quality of life, more energy, and many more. 

What Sets MiracuLoss Apart in Healthy Weight Loss in NZ

At MiracuLoss, we’re proud of the unique and highly successful programme we’ve created. We have three key differences to tradition weight loss methodologies:

  • Our coaches. One of our stand-out features is our unique coaching programme to ensure you are able to stay focused and on track. All our clients receive daily 1:1 support and in-depth coaching.  Every body is different — there is no such thing as a successful “one size fits all” regimen, which is why you’ll have your own coach who will personalise things for you.  
  • Our structured programme cycle. With a ten-week programme – of which just 3 weeks are spent in weight loss, our clients regularly report losses of at least 5 five to seven kilos and often more. During this time, we not only target problematic areas of the body, but we help your body re-calibrate itself after you shed the weight to equip you for lasting results.
  • Learn our proven strategies for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and discover more about how healthy weight loss benefits your body. You’ll also have access to a huge collection of delicious and nutritious recipes that will keep your taste buds satisfied and your weight in check. 

Let’s explore how you can look and feel better with the right coaching and support.

About MiracuLoss

Approaching almost a decade in business, MiracuLoss began when we recognised the need for a better approach to weight loss in New Zealand. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the building blocks of better health, but unfortunately most people don’t know how to properly nourish their body. With the MiracuLoss system and our compassionate coaches teaching you how to listen to your body and choose foods that enable your body to perform to its best, we can help you to quickly normalise your body’s size and shape. See what our satisfied clients have to say about the results they were able to achieve.