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Are you looking for options for a successful and effective weight loss plan in Wellington? Let the professionals at MiracuLoss provide you with the guidance you need to meet your weight loss goals. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Weight Loss 

We understand that you’re eager to take your first steps toward a healthier lifestyle. However, there are many things you should take care to avoid during a weight loss program: 

  • Substituting real foods for shakes or processed meals. While it may be tempting to buy shakes or pre-prepared calorie restricted meals, ultimately you will regret it because any results you achieve are likely to be short lived. Processed foods contain many chemical additives to prolong shelf life and improve appearance and flavour and they are often nutrient poor and contain the wrong balance of macro and micro nutrients. As soon as you switch back to regular food, you are likely to regain all the weight you lost plus more as your body tries to bring things back into balance. Your body knows the difference between processed food and real food!
  • Over exercising. Over exercising AKA boot camp, has the same effect as severely restricting calories. It signals to your body that there’s a world wide famine and it had better get busy making extra capacity to store fat in order to keep you alive. At the same time the stress hormones (which activate when you’re over exercising) make it super easy to store fat and really hard to build muscle – after all, who needs muscle when there is a famine? What you need to survive a famine is lots and lots of body fat. This is why it’s so easy to regain all the weight you’ve lost, plus more after a period of over exercising.
  • Not eating enough: It’s a common misconception that the way to lose weight is by not eating. Although a decrease in calories will lead to weight loss, your body must receive a certain number of calories, including some carbohydrates, every day. Your coach helps you determine the right food combination for your weight loss plan. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Weight Loss Strategy in Wellington 

There are many ways in which you can increase the chances of successful weight loss results. Here are a few of our top suggestions: 

  • Change your mentality: Before you begin, it is essential to understand that our weight loss program is more than just a diet plan. We recommend that our clients consider it as an overall lifestyle change and not just a short-term diet plan. Once you reach your goal weight, we support you until you are confident that you can avoid the temptation to go back to your old habits, so that you can easily maintain your new way of healthy eating. 
  • Let your friends and family know: When you’re implementing a plan that incorporates changing how you eat, it’s important to let your friends and family know about it. Clueing them in on the details of your program lets them know that you may be avoiding particular foods. Armed with this knowledge they can provide you with a bigger support network and cheer you on as you succeed. And who knows, you may even inspire some of them to make a lifestyle change too!
  • Ask for help: Are you struggling with a specific part of the program? Do you have concerns regarding other aspects of your health? Let us know. One of the benefits of working with our team is that you have direct access to our experienced coaches and other natural health professionals who can help you navigate the challenging moments associated with weight loss and resolve nagging health concerns that might be complicating your cellular healing. 

Why Trust MiracuLoss Regarding Effective Weight Loss Plans 

Our coaches get great pleasure out of helping our clients transform their lives as they work their way through the various stages of the programme. We understand the emotions associated with being overweight and pride ourselves on supporting you through our program while we help you restore your self-esteem and health. 

Are you ready to look great and feel fantastic? Reach out to us through our contact page. We’ve helped thousands of women and men look and feel their best. We’d love to help you too!