Spring Weight Loss Special

We’re giving away a wonderful package valued at NZ$145 to all clients who join Miraculoss during September 2022.

This package includes a Free Inner Journey Healing Session plus a powerful Quantum Essence Energetic Remedy to help you get your head in the game and your body back to where you want it.  

Weight loss and weight maintenance is not just about food. And it has very little to do with calories!

Your thoughts and emotions have the biggest influence on your weight. Yes, that’s right! Your mind has far more to do with your weight than you probably realise. Thoughts and emotions drive many chemical reactions in your body which have a direct impact on how easy (or hard) it is for you to lose weight and keep it off.  

Let us help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and emotional energies that are keeping you stuck.

It’s time to break free.

Are you ready to create life-enhancing beliefs that can take the struggle out of every day life and routine food choices? Are you ready to feel happier and experience more freedom, better health and more vitality that you ever thought possible?

The Inner Journey combined with our Quantum Essences are already helping many others experience this type of freedom. Are you ready for this?

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Read below to learn more about Quantum Essences:

Quantum Essence sprays can help you recalibrate your physical, emotional and mental energies as you move through your weight loss journey. 

Quantum Essences are made in New Zealand, and are created using vibrational techniques similar to homeopathic remedies and flower essences. They can have a powerful, yet gentle influence over your energy fields, helping you achieve better health and a more joyful life.

When you join Miraculoss in September 2022 you’ll be able to select one of the following:

#3 – Ray of Light: Helps with depression and despondency, heals unresolved feelings of grief, bitterness and loss from the past. Helps to release blocked emotions to find peace with current difficult situations and to let go of high expectations with self and others. This remedy is rejuvenating and brings joy to someone who feels there isn’t any in life, or to those holding onto old patterns of rejection and not being able to achieve. It’s helpful when your emotional state is tired/exhausted. 

Affirmation – ‘Springs remind me that life is to be celebrated and enjoyed.’

#9 – Freedom: Helps to release guilt and old patterns, breaking through old belief systems, concepts and restrictiveness. Helps to embrace the inner child and the feeling that anything is possible, finding new perspective, breaking new ground and setting clear boundaries. Great for self expression, seeing things and self in a different light. This remedy can help you break free of your old limiting thought patterns and cut away the chains that bind you to habits that are holding you in time!

Affirmation – ‘I open my heart and mind to a limitless universe and manifest all my potential.’

#12 – Transformation: Helps to give birth to the new self to complete deep inner changes and feel confident with the new self. Helps you adjust and gives you a sense of safety and protection when going through change. When someone loses weight very quickly it can be a huge shift. If your mind isn’t on the same wavelength, it’s unlikely the weight will stay off, because your mind will still see you as overweight! This remedy helps clients go through the transition seamlessly.

Affirmation “I flow with the rhythm of life inviting change and transformation.”

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NB: This offer is not available in combination with any other offer.