The Calorie Myth

Losing weight and keeping it off can be hard work and really frustrating! We get it!
But it doesn’t have to be. There is a way to be free of the struggle!

Are you still trying to lose weight by reducing calories and exercising more? If so I understand why. After all, that’s the approach we’ve been taught to believe in. But believing in something doesn’t make it true, and I want to assure you there is absolutely no scientific evidence that this approach works long term – in fact it’s quite the opposite. There’s a truck load of research that proves categorically the ‘calories in calories out theory’ is completely flawed.

Reducing calories and exercising more won’t provide the long term results you’re after!
Reducing calories slows your metabolism down until you stop losing weight. This is an inbuilt survival mechanism that we all have. Your body is hardwired to stop you from fading away – no matter what size you are!

When this happens the only way to lose more weight is to reduce your food intake even more, which results in an even slower metabolism (this is why weight loss slows down to a crawl after a few weeks). But here’s the real problem, when you resume your normal way of eating your metabolism doesn’t recover. That’s right! It can stay at the reduced rate indefinitely, making it a certainty that you’ll regain all the weight you lost plus more. Sound familiar?

The real cause of weight gain is not calories – it’s excess insulin!
This is great news, because it’s far easier to solve this problem than it is to spend a lifetime trying to eat less! Insulin (the hormone your body uses to move sugar from your blood into your cells) makes you fat, not calories. It’s impossible to store body fat without insulin!

Your cells are designed to be sensitive to small amounts of insulin, but when cells become resistant to insulin rather than sensitive to it, your body responds by producing extra insulin in an attempt to get your cells to respond. The more insulin you produce the more fat you store, which in turn makes you more insulin resistant. It’s the typical vicious cycle, which, if left unchecked can eventually lead to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

And guess where most if this type of fat is stored?
Yes, that’s right – around your middle!
MiracuLoss clients lose weight quickly and safely (even from their problem areas) without feeling hungry, without strenuous exercise and without creating any loose or baggy skin! THEN with 1:1 daily guidance from their personal coach they discover the secret to keeping their body within a healthy weight range for life. Personalised education and coaching works, because we’re all different!

The only way to achieve a healthy weight that’s lasting, is to improve insulin sensitivity.
Your body is a very complex machine and I’m not going to try to explain the whole process here because I’d need to write a book, but I want you to know there is a solution.

The MiracuLoss programme reverses insulin resistance (and Type 2 Diabetes) and improves the balance of a whole range of other hormones that are involved in healthy weight maintenance.
Are you ready to say goodbye to the yo-yo dieting scene and hello to better health?