Congratulations Doug’s – 115kgs Lighter!

When Doug Olds made the decision to lose weight he began a journey that has has been life changing. Swimming was the best choice of exercise as it took the stress off his joints, so Doug became a regular at the pool and had some initial success. But he soon realised that he needed a different approach if he was going to succeed long term.

Describing himself has “the biggest skeptic ” Doug was a little unsure if the MiracuLoss weight loss programme would be right for him, but after learning more about it, he decided to give it a go. Here’s what Doug has to say about his journey.

Doug's weight loss

“MiracuLoss has been life-changing for me and my family. My wife and I joined at the same time because we both needed to lose weight. I knew the next step for me would be death if I didn’t change something. I was committed to being healthier, but it’s really hard to do it without the right information and support. The biggest thing for me was learning about my body, different foods, and what works best for me. I was amazed to discover that broccoli is one of the foods that my body doesn’t like. Every time I eat it my weight jumps up.

Getting results right from the start was so motivating. The weight just fell off me. I was losing at least a kilo each day, which seemed unreal but it just kept happening. It was hard to believe I could lose that much so quickly, with no exercise and feel so good. But the scales don’t lie!

Doug is a family man and decided to change to his lifestyle for his daughter. Since completing MiracuLoss in 2014, he has developed a life long passion for exercise and real food and has continued to lose an additional 30 kilos. Doug says “this is definitely no fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change”. MiracuLoss helped me lose over 80 kilos but more importantly I learned how to keep it off. It’s been great for my whole family. We have all lost weight and we swim at the local pool 4 nights a week now. It’s been life changing for all of us.”

Doug, who has lost a total of 134 kilos is sharing his story to encourage others to seek a healthier lifestyle. “If you’re unhappy with your current weight”, he says “you have a choice. I used to feel trapped in my own body, I felt ashamed and didn’t do the things I wanted to because of my size, so I understand how hard it can be, but believe me, you have a choice, you just have to make it.”

The team at MiracuLoss couldn’t be more proud of Doug and his awesome family. “We feel so fortunate to have supported them to reach their goals” says director Fiona Paulsen. “They’ve been an inspiration to many others who have decided follow their example, take charge of their health and re-claim their lives.”

Doug's weightloss before and after