Introducing Harvest Pantry

We’ve put together this beautiful collection of our newest products for you to enjoy!

Click here to purchase these Harvest Pantry Products for just $63.80 and receive a complimentary RELAX Magnesium Gel, saving you $19.95!


Receive this pack absolutely free when you book your next round of weight loss before the end of July 2022!

This gift pack contains Wintertime Cider (to boost your immune system), Hot Apple Porridge Mix (perfect from Stage 5 onwards on these frosty mornings), Savoury Starch-Free Cracker Mix (so that everyone can enjoy delicious crackers from Stage 5) and Super Seeded Cracker Mix (for extra nutrients and for those who love a really good crunch!).
But that’s not all

We’ve also included a complementary bottle of our new RELAX Magnesium Gel which has been created using the highest quality ingredients and contains 50% more magnesium than regular magnesium oil. Magnesium (an essential mineral) is needed by ALL your cells and is rapidly used up during illness and times of stress, so it’s super important to get enough.
Magnesium is most easily absorbed via the skin so a topically applied gel is the best way to get it into your system. Our beautiful RELAX Magnesium Gel also contains Romain Chamomile, Lavender Sweet, Lavender True and French Marjoram to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation.