What’s It Like To Have Miraculoss Coach?

Everyone’s coaching style is a little different, because – let’s face it, we are all unique!

And that’s the point, you are unique too, and you deserve to be treated as such. And it’s not just a matter of deserving, it’s a necessity. 

You’re not the same as anyone else, and therefore what works for you is likely to be different to what works for your friend or neighbour. 

Taking your individual needs, preferences, lifestyle, challenges and concerns into account is essential if you are to have great results. 

What makes the Miraculoss coaching experience so special is the individual care and attention all our clients receive, and the awesome results our clients achieve!

Some of the common frustrations I’ve heard in the past month, from clients who have tried other programmes:

1) “I didn’t feel listened to. She seemed so busy, I was just another number” 

2) “I’d come up with excuses and reasons why I was doing what I was doing…when really I need someone to show me how to stop”

3) Every time I hit a weight plateau, I was told to eat less or try keto or fasting…

Here’s what it’s like to work with a Miraculoss coach:

1) Your coach will guide and support you each day – as and when you need her – not a week or two later! This is a huge reason why our clients are so successful. Daily contact enables your coach to help you overcome obstacles as they come up, and to identify patterns that have previously kept you stuck or going in circles.

I believe this level of support is crucial for lifestyle change. 

2) You are a top priority. A VIP client. By taking on a limited number of clients, your coach has the time and energy to really listen to you – to go over time if needed, to reply quickly if you get stuck and to come up with creative solutions to your real life challenges!

3) We don’t just look at your food. If we think we need to address something deeper, we’ll tell you, and guide you on each step. For example, things like WHY you are over-eating or craving sugar in the first place, or sometimes, we need to address that negative little voice in your head. 

Your coach is part of a team of other coaches with a wide range of skills and expertise, so at any time, you also have access to this knowledge and skill base. It’s the best of both worlds – individual coaching with the support of a great team.

We believe that healthy choices lead to healthy bodies. 

And we also know how challenging it is to consistently make good choices. We get it – we have busy lives too! 

Our coaches have all been in your shoes (literally). Before becoming a coach they were a Miraculoss client, and they joined our coaching team because of their transformational experience.

Before we take on any new client we ask that they have a FREE 1-1 CONSULTATION so that we can understand your situation and to see if the Miraculoss approach could be right for you, and here’s why.

Our job satisfaction comes from helping you turn your dreams into reality and freeing yourself from the yo-yo treadmill of dieting. If we don’t believe the Miraculoss programme is right for you, we would rather suggest other options. 

I hope this has given you some insight into what makes the Miraculoss coaching experience so special. 

Fiona xx

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