Does a Lack of Sunlight Affect Weight? 

Yes it does! 

But here comes the sun! 

The long range forecasters are predicting hot weather with another La Nina Summer. Yay!

I love the Summer weather but with my fair skin and family history of skin cancer, I keep covered up for most of the day. 

And here’s how this affects weight. 

Vitamin D3, which your skin produces when it’s exposed to sunlight (but only during Summer and when the sun is directly overhead), is essential for just about every cellular reaction in your body. 

Without enough vitamin D3, your immune system and bone density may suffer, you are less protected from cancer and your ability to regulate healthy body weight is compromised. 

Studies show that overweight people are more likely to have low vitamin D3 levels and are more at risk for many cancers. 

So what to do? 


Start taking a good quality vitamin D3 supplement on a regular basis, and when you are able to – regularly expose as much of your skin as possible to the midday Summer sun for just 10 – 20 minutes (taking care to not get burnt). 

By taking these two simple steps you will optimise your vitamin D3 levels and your health! 

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