Why Am I Gaining Weight?

This is something I often hear when discussing weight struggles with those who reach out to us for help. And to be honest, I’ve asked myself this same question many times in the past.

It made no sense to me back then, and it’s incredibly frustrating to be doing ‘all the right things’ and not getting anywhere – or worse still, going backwards! 

Like many of our clients, I’d been down all the usual dead-end paths – given up foods, adjusted my diet, worked out at the gym, and I’d always arrive back at the same point. 

And when I finally found the solution, it was a ‘lightbulb moment’ for me.  

I realised I’d been focusing in the wrong area all along.

Instead of focusing on food and exercise, I should have been asking; “What’s really happening here?” And, “What do I need right now in order to be healthy and for my body to function correctly?”

After all – everything worked perfectly when I was younger, so what changed? 

I don’t want to bore you with my life story, and to be honest, the triggers for my body to go from harmony to imbalance might be different to yours, but essentially the ‘take home’ here is that something definitely changed.

Reflecting on my history, I could see the times when I’d been under the most stress were also the times when I’d struggled with my weight.

I do have to put a disclaimer in here – there was one very stressful time when I just couldn’t eat, so naturally I lost weight, but as soon as the severity of the stress had passed and I was able to eat again, my weight began increasing. 

Was it the food I was eating? Well, partly yes, because when I’m under stress (like most of us), I gravitate to survival foods – more carbs and sweeter options. 

But then I thought about some other times – like holidays or periods when I’ve been very happy and relaxed, and eaten more ‘treat’ foods than I normally would (including wine), and my weight stayed the same. 

So, I asked myself again, “Is it really the food?” And I could see that it wasn’t.

Of course, food choices played a part, but it wasn’t the whole story. It was clear that the origin of my weight struggles was stress.

When we are under prolonged stress, our body, through a complex cascade of hormones and biochemical reactions, reduces insulin sensitivity and moves into fat storage mode.

When we lose our insulin sensitivity it becomes easier and easier to gain weight, and more and more difficult to lose it. 

In the distant past, obesity was rare because of the natural cycle of the seasons. During summer and autumn when fruit and grains were abundant, our ancestors would naturally gain weight because they were eating more of these types of foods. This was their body’s way of preparing for winter. And of course, over the colder months when food was scarce, they would burn up those fat stores. 

Even though there were times of great stress, the cyclic nature of the seasons and food availability, and the more relaxed pace of life meant that weight problems were non-existent. 

But today, we work long hours, juggle multiple pressures, are continually bombarded by news of stressful world and local events, and we have all manner of food and ‘fake food’ available to us 24/7. We are hardwired to choose all the wrong foods when we are stressed so it’s no wonder that it’s so difficult!

Back to me…enter the Miraculoss programme! 

In just a few weeks my insulin sensitivity greatly improved, kilos had melted away, and with the support of some amazing mind/body techniques my stress levels reduced.

The twin underlying causes of my weight gain (stress and insulin resistance) were resolved.

When we are happy and relaxed, healing hormones flood our system, damping down inflammation and making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Who wouldn’t want that? 

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