What’s With Food Sensitivities & Weight Gain?

Are you frustrated by unexplained weight gain?

Does your weight leap up suddenly when you venture out of your normal food routine?

Do you gain weight when you eat foods that your friends eat?

Food sensitivities (which are becoming more common) are likely to be the culprit!

Your digestive system is made up of a highly sensitive and well organised collection of specialised tissues, bacteria, enzymes and acids.

Processed foods, alcohol, sugar, refined carbohydrates, smoking, illness, stress, medicines, and poor sleep can all affect your gut health and lead to food sensitivities.

Inside your intestinal tract there’s approximately 250 sqm of surface area, (about the size of a tennis court), which is huge!

When these tissues are inflamed they attract water to wash away the inflammatory substances and to bring healing nutrients.

Foods that inflame your gut can easily cause a sudden weight increase of several kilos. When you’re permanently inflamed 4-5 kilos of excess fluid would be a minimum. Can you imagine how far 5 liters of water would go if you were to try to spread it out over a tennis court? Not that far! So it’s easy to see why we experience bloating and weight gain when our gut or other body parts are inflamed.

Ongoing inflammation is very stressful for your body (even if you are not aware of it), and stress hormones encourage weight gain…so naturally, those who are inflamed also begin to accumulate abnormal fat deposits.

Obesity is considered to be an inflammatory disease. They are intricately linked.

But the body is also programmed to self heal (given the right conditions), so when you remove inflammatory foods and make healthier lifestyle choices, inflammation often subsides and excess fluids may be released, causing a welcome drop in weight.

If your weight is fluctuating or increasing, go back to what you were eating in your first week of Stage 5 and book a call with us to discuss your next steps. It’s always good to have someone else to help you unravel the mystery of what’s actually going on, and recommend supplements or other changes that may help.

When your gut is happy, your body will be happier!

We are what we eat!

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