Is Willpower Overrated?

Today I was reflecting on how hard it can be to follow a healthy lifestyle, especially when the media is bombarding us with messages poporting the irresistibility of junk foods and beverages. 

Our minds are very malleable and it’s super easy for cleverly designed advertising to convince us that our lives will be better, easier, happier, more fulfilling or more rewarding when we consume these products. TV and Video advertising is particularly effective as moving images coupled with an audio track are the perfect combo to influence your emotions and infiltrate your thoughts. 

And the reason they are so effective is because they tap into your subconscious beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. In short they tap into your emotions. 

Advertisers know that if they can elicit an emotional response you are likely to want their products or services, so their objective is to get you to ‘feel’ something when viewing their message. 

When it comes to food, advertisers aim to get you to associate pleasure, happiness, bliss, romance, satisfaction, energy, youthfulness, ease, love, fun and vitality with their product. 

In short they activate your desire for these, and show you how their product can fulfill your emotional needs. 

In reality, we all know that a chocolate bar or a Big Mac wont help us feel any more loved, healthy, or joyful, but because advertising is so powerful, it’s really easy to fall for it…except when it isn’t. 

It’s easy to ignore these advertising messages when you don’t associate the product they’re promoting with an unmet need or with a pleasure you are seeking. 

When you don’t have a need to feel more energised, more satisfied, more included in ‘the group’ or more attractive, then it’s likely that Coke ads will have little effect on you. 

It takes no willpower to resist something that you don’t actually want. It’s that simple! So how do you stop wanting the things that are tempting you away from your best intentions? 

By using well researched Mind-Body Techniques – AKA Quantum Physics Techniques!

A skilled Mind-Body therapist can help you literally ‘change your mind’ in minutes – sometimes seconds! This is often completely life changing as many Miraculoss clients have discovered.

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