Mindset Mondays

You may have heard the sayingWhere Focus Goes, Energy Flows‘.

Is it time to shift your focus?

The ‘Mindset Mondays’ programme will help you refocus your mind and set you on the path to long term success. 

The study of the subconscious mind reveals that we are hardwired to move away from things that are stressful – and personal change can indeed feel stressful. This is why creating and sustaining new habits can be so challenging. 

We are also hardwired to want to improve. To seek more from life. To learn and grow. This is why so many of us seem to go around in circles, moving towards our goals and then moving away from them again, all the while staying stuck in the same pattern. Can you relate to this? 

When your efforts for change are based on the idea that you are ‘not enough’ it’s almost guaranteed that you will end up recreating that which you are trying to avoid. Where focus goes, energy flows! You will create more of the same and go around in circles. 

Once you learn how to work with your subconscious, how to speak the language of your mind and how to consciously navigate the obstacles your subconscious mind invariably throws at you, it becomes a lot easier to create the life you desire.

When your goals are based in self love, self acceptance and a belief that you have everything you need to create that which you desire, your efforts are highly likely to be rewarded. 

So how do you create this level of positive self belief? 

You develop it by becoming aware of your repetitive thoughts, and subconscious beliefs and replacing them with more life enhancing ones!

Mastering Your Thoughts 

Thoughts (and memories) are forms of energy. A thought or memory generates an image in your mind. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. For example, the thought may be about something that hasn’t actually happened, but you are afraid it might. As you visuale the unwelcome event, your mind and body acts as though it has already occurred. Hormones are released and neural pathways are built. 

This is how habits of the mind and body are created. Where focus goes, energy flows! 

But here’s the good news! If you can do this for unhelpful habits and emotional states, you can also do the same for helpful ones – if you know how!

The ‘Mindset Mondays’ programme is designed to help you begin to gain mastery over your mind and create a mindset that enables long term success. 

Starting on Monday 6th February 2023 this course includes 12 weekly emails each containing helpful information and a 15 minute inspirational audio recording (each Monday), three 40 min Zoom workshops to learn and practice essential skills (recording will also be sent to all participants) and a 50% discount on a science-based personal Inner Journey session to create subconscious beliefs that align with your personal goals. 

I’m sure you already know that if you’re not in the right headspace it can be very hard to lose weight and keep it off. Over these 12 weeks you’ll be introduced to information, skills and techniques that you can apply to any area of your life to achieve greater focus and success.

The ‘Mindset Mondays’ programme covers:

  • The amazing power of intention 
  • Essential skills and routines for creating long term change 
  • Biology vs Emotion – how your biology affects how you feel and vice versa. 
  • Easy hacks for interrupting self sabotage
  • Beating focus fatigue
  • What subconscious programme is your mind running?  How to upgrade yours!  
  • Setting yourself up for success – planning to succeed
  • Building rock solid self belief
  • How to notice and interrupt repetitive thought patterns
  • The science of being positive – and how to harness this power
  • Healthy ways to celebrate wins and stay motivated
  • How to speak kindly to yourself – nurture your inner child to reduce stress hormones and access more energy! You will be amazed by what a difference this makes!

This will be a very practical course aimed at equipping you with the skills and routines needed to make lasting changes in your life. 

The ‘Mindset Mondays’ programme is valued at $340. 

Our New Year gift to all our Miraculoss clients (past and present) is a whopping 50% off the joining fee – making the investment just $170.

OR – if you join the Miraculoss programme during January 2023 (and pay your deposit), you will receive the ‘Mindset Mondays’ course for just $50 (saving a massive $290).

These offers are only available until 31 January 2023
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