Diabetes – The Silent Epidemic

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Thousands of New Zealanders have high blood sugar levels – and many don’t know it.  Maybe you’re often thirsty or need to urinate frequently. Perhaps you have cuts that are slow to heal or you are unusually tired. Or, far more likely you have no symptoms at all.

Yet raised blood sugar is very bad news. It speeds up the aging process, leads to type 2 diabetes and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. An epidemic of diabetes is engulfing the world.

According to the Virtual Diabetes Register in 2014 an estimated 257,700 New Zealanders have diabetes. This number is expected to double during the next two decades. In the UK there are nearly four million diabetics and at least 29 million in the US.  It’s estimated that four times as many people have pre-diabetes.

If you have pre-diabetes (and unless you’ve been tested you won’t know), there’s roughly a 30% chance you will go on to develop diabetes within five years.

Despite a truck load of research which proves the opposite, for the past 50 years the medical establishment has promoted a “low fat – high carbohydrate” eating plan as the answer to obesity and other weight related health concerns.  The result – body weights have ballooned and chronic disease has climbed at an alarming rate.

Fortunately the tide of dietary miss-information is slowly turning. Numerous peer-reviewed studies prove that pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes can be reversed if the cause of the problem is addressed.

“Up until recently it was believed that if you were a type 2 diabetic you had to stay on insulin for the rest of your life. We’ve proven that’s not true” says Fiona Paulsen owner of Plimmerton based weight loss programme MiracuLoss.  “By adopting the right food and lifestyle regime for your body, abnormal fat deposits can be shed from the liver and pancreas (the two organs responsible for controlling your insulin and blood sugar levels) and significant health improvements can be achieved.”

For more information about how to lose weight, improve insulin response and reduce your risk of diabetes contact MiracuLoss at www.miraculoss.co.nz or call 04 2338820